Topic Poster

The Project

I have always been an advocate for sleep, health, and wellness. For my capstone project, I wanted to dive into the idea of sleep advocacy and why sleep is important.


Once I started researching about sleep, I became more and more aware of the impact sleep has on our lives. One-third of our lives are spent sleeping and it truly impacts the fruitfulness of the other two-thirds. Sleep plays a critical role in brain function. I discovered that while we sleep, the brain stores new information and gets rid of waste. Nerve cells reorganize, restore, and repair themselves. We need sleep for energy conservation, cellular restoration, brain function, emotional well-being, metabolism, insulin function, and immunity. Also, despite being such a huge component of human life, problems with sleep are widely prevalent. Over 70 million people in the United States have chronic sleep disorder that impacts their daily functioning and health.


Having a better understanding of sleep’s impact brought me to “One Third”. This poster design is a preview into my capstone project. The posters were put up around the college of design as a sneak peak into what was to come by the end of the semester. The colors chosen were meant to symbolize sunrise and sunset. The text in the center symbolizing the time in between. The day and your habits impacting the outcome of quality of life. Using grids, color, and imagery this project explored negative space and color.


A study seeking to answer the question… “Why do we sleep?”


Primary tools used: Indesign