Design Manifesto Epub

For this project we were to create and design a fixed-layout EPUB for the iPad. The theme of the EPUB was “Manifestos.” We chose 10 manifestos from a provided list given to us by our instructor. We then created an ebook from the text provided. Using a combination of text, image, and color I created my own designs for each manifesto.


While researching images, I also be sketching out concepts for my EPUB design. After sketching, I translated my concepts to a digital layout in InDesign. I then used Illustrator to create vector images and Photoshop to edit photography.
To make the EPUB feel cohesive, but each page uniquely different, I used a combination of 3 fonts (Futura, Garamond, and Groutch) and a limited color palette. These elements were consistent throughout the EPUB.
Primary tools used: InDesign + Illustrator + Photoshop