About me


Hi I am Avery!

Artist. Designer. Photographer. Music Enthusiast.


I believe in sincere moments and kindness over coolness.

Connecting with others is what I do best.

At the moment I reside in Saint Paul Minnesota, but my passport is current

and my desire to travel is deep so don't let the distance keep us from connecting.

Lets create something wonderful.






Iowa State University + Ames, IA : August 2016-May 2020
Bachelor in Graphic Design

Minor in Advertising


Study Abroad + Rome, Italy : August 2019-December 2019




Graphic Designer at BWBR Architects, Saint Paul MN
+ Graphic Designer : December 2020 - Current

I am working with the Graphic Design team to create environmental, digital, and
print graphics for clients. Within the company, I am leading and facilitating all
photography efforts and also assisting in the creation of social media content for
the BWBR brand.

Graphic design Intern : May 2020- December 2020


Social Media Intern at Oak Lane Candle Co, Ames IA

+ Graphic Designer : February 2020

Created a social media presence and promote brand professionalism through the
use of photography and photo editing. Created graphics, icons, and highlights to
reinforce a strong brand presence on all platforms. I produced daily social media
posts with engaging content. I interacted with customers on social media and ran
various promotions that increased engagement and follower count by 86%.


Creative Agency Intern at The Marketing Store, North America - Chicago
Graphic Designer : August 2019

Throughout my experience, I was able to work with many different clients.

I conceptualized new ideas for promotions, created digital mobile screens,
generated graphics, and designed marketing tiles for social media platforms.
I created digital mobile screens for the 2019 McDonald’s App; McCafe, Share a
Coke, and Happy Meal. This included designing hero and marketing tiles for each
social media platform and coming up with new and engaging ways to use each
mobile app. I updated each art deck with new ideas and copy changes throughout
the project with the team. Lastly, I facilitated the creation, collaboration, and
development of a concept rebrand campaign proposal with my 2019 intern team.
We won the summer campaign pitch with our ideas.


Social Media Specialist at CKO Kickboxing
Freelance Graphic Designer : May 2019

Managed CKO's Instagram and Facebook account, producing daily posts with
creative captions. I created content, posters, and graphics for CKO weekly.
I created a strong and consistent brand identity on the Instagram page by utilizing
CKO's colors, mission statement, and goals.


Social Media Specialist at RVEAL Media
Freelance Graphic Designer : November 2018

Developed social media presence for clients by managing their social media accounts,
communicating with followers daily, and writing engaging content for all platforms. I also
furthered each client’s brand by designing unique digital and print graphics.


Social Media Intern at Driftwood Paddle Adventures

+ Graphic Designer : Summer 2018

I managed Driftwood’s social media accounts and produced content for all platforms. I
created icons and graphics, edited photo content, originated engaging captions, and
communicated with followers daily. I was able to increase Instagram following by 78%.
Lastly, I filmed and edited two promotional videos for Driftwood that showcased the
summer paddle tours.




Adobe Creative Suite

Microsoft Office





Photo and video editing







Graphic Design Club + Ames, IA : August 2016-May 2019

Volunteer + Ames, IA : August 2016-May 2019

+ Women's United Organization

+ First Baptist Church of Ames

+ THE SHOP - Iowa State Food Pantry


Honors & Awards

George Washington Carver Scholar
Iowa State University, IA : August 2016
Multicultural Student Association